Tension Myositis Syndrome

About Us

The author is somebody who has suffered from Tension Myositis Syndrome or TMS for about 10 years.

I say “has suffered” because it’s still a syndrome that I am dealing with on an almost daily basis.  We need to stay vigilant about it and keep reminding yourself there’s nothing physically wrong.

In talking to friends and co-workers that have had similar experiences with their back pain, I still wanted to help them.  And for many of them, I did recommend Dr. Sarno’s books.  I’m not sure if all of them did actually read the book or even tried.  But I did make the offer and it certainly did make me feel good.

While I was going through this I did go on back pain forums or other websites.  I tried to find what other folks were experiencing.

I found a lot of the same things that I was.  There was nothing structurally wrong with my back—and the pain was intermittent.

After I was able to control my pain, I thought, how can I help others?  So, I decided that I start a website to do just that…breakdown the syndrome for everyone.

I’ve tried to help them get passed it.  It’s certainly a tricky thing.  Once you do break through to your brain, and convince it that there isn’t a problem, it’s almost like a light switch going off.

Pain subsides, you get back to your life.

So the trick is, how do you flip that switchThis site is about flipping that switch.

Trying different things since each brain is different. The goal is trying to figure out how to get that switch to flip.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the site, I certainly love to hear them. Also, if this site has helped you in any way, I’d appreciate a quick email explaining how so I can help further emphasize those points.

Thank you and enjoy the site.