Tension Myositis Syndrome

Back Pain Doctor

Back Pain Doctor Map

As this site has grown, I’ve received many requests for referrals to a back pain doctor that can help with tension myositis syndrome or TMS.  Since the goal of this site is to help folks with their back pain and conquering TMS, I’ve added a back pain doctor map below highlighting over 100 doctors in the United States.

Be sure to note that not all of these doctors are orthopedic doctors, some are psychologists, some are psychiatrists, and some are general practioners.  Remember, with tension myositis syndrome, we are looking for a back pain doctor that can treat the brain and how we process our stress.

So when we say a TMS doctor, it doesn’t necessary mean they have a doctorate in treating tension myositis syndrome as there is no program for that.  There are only folks that understand how it works and how to get you process your stress correctly to rid you of your pain.   Hence, we’ll use the term back pain doctor.

Treatment Without Drugs or Surgery

There are a lot of folks that could be considered a pseudo back pain doctor that do not have a doctorate degree.  I consider myself one of these people.  In fact, anyone that has conquered TMS could likely consider themselves an expert, or at least well versed, in the ways of treating TMS.

If you know of another TMS doctor in another state or country, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add their listing to the map.  If there is not a back pain doctor in your area and you’d like to know more about tension myositis syndrome in general, feel free to email me.

I have plans to create an eBook for folks that don’t necessarily have the means to see a back pain doctor but are seeking to conquer their pain.  I am targeting this release for Summer 2013.   In the meantime, I strongly urge you to check out the page on Dr. John Sarno who is the father of TMS and the ultimate TMS doctor.  His books are on that page and I would encourage you to read one or more of them as that is what started me on my journey to becoming pain free.