Tension Myositis Syndrome

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Due To Mental Strain

Aches and pains often happen to us all. Some are caused by simple things like over exercise or just exhaustion. But there are also some pains that are due to overuse. Some of the most common pains are lower back pain and neck pain. But what do you do when your back pain treatment doesn’t work and it just keeps getting worse? When all possible physical causes are explored and ruled out, it is usually time to look for a mental to physical cause.

One of those disorders is called Tension Myositis Syndrome or TMS. Tension Myositis Syndrome is a disorder where your mental situations or issues can cause you physical pain.  As highlighted on this site, Dr. John Sarno coined this term after a number of studies.

The most common pains associated with TMS are back pain and neck pain. When you are diagnosed with Tension Myositis Syndrome there are a few treatment options that will be offered. Although TMS is not widely accepted, there are select doctors who will consider it and proceed with treatment.

The usual back pain treatment includes a combination of education, writing exercises and returning to a normal life style. First, you will be asked to educate yourself on what exactly you are suffering from and what could be causing it. Then you will be assigned writing exercises such as writing out what bothers or upsets you.  It will also include emotional issues you may have, past experiences where you withheld emotion and much more. You may also be asked to keep and complete a special work book designed specifically for the treatment. You will be asked to focus on which pains you suffer, whether it be back pain, neck pain or pain elsewhere and examine why you may have them.

Another common back pain treatment method is the use of group therapy and psychotherapy. You will also be asked to form or return to a normal life style.  This will include discontinuing any physical therapies.  This is counter to what the medical community stresses so it will be hard to commit.

Back Pain Treatment

There are many ways to find help for this condition and be treated for it. Doing a search for doctors or support groups is a fruitful exercise. With proper understanding and treatment anyone can be cured from this disorder and go on to live a happy and healthy life. Once you and your doctor work out a back pain treatment plan, it is best to adhere to it strictly. It is important for your healing to work out any mental issues or hold ups that can be causing you physical pain.

A support system can be very helpful here.  Whether it be a community group or some close friends and family to help you work through the emotional and mental issues which cause you pain. Your mind is a very powerful part of your body and can affect you physically. To help your pain, you must take care of your mind.

Your TMS doctor should be able to give you a plan that will do just that. Your back pain treatment plan will be rather personalized to fit you and will also vary in how strict the plan is according to the severity of your disorder. But with the proper plan and cooperation, life can return to normal and the pain can be a distant memory. It is important to acknowledge this disorder requires medical intervention and understanding to be cured. It is not able to be fixed by pain medication, but only with understanding and intervention.

This disorder is not just a mental disorder, but a physical one as well. Although painful a cure is possible but only when handled properly. If it is suspected you have this disorder, find and visit a doctor to begin a back pain treatment plan and get your life back.