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Stiff Back Relief

Stretching and Exercises for a Stiff Back

A stiff back is no laughing matter.  It is a painful condition that many people find themselves faced with, some even have this as a chronic, nagging condition that is not easy to rectify.

For some, this is attributed to tension myositis syndrome or TMS.  For others, it’s simply a recurring issue that is easily fixable.  Either way, exercises are the way to remedy your stiff back.

For those who do not want to take large amounts of medications, those with no underlying health problem that prohibits light physical activity and those who find themselves needing just a little tweak each day, exercises and stretching can greatly reduce a stiff back and the associated discomfort.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before beginning to do exercises, anyone with an injury or who is under doctor’s care should seek medical advice and approval. 

Before one begins to work out a stiff back, he or she should be wearing loose fitting exercise clothing, have a roomy enough area with a flat surface on which to perform the maneuvers, and be wearing a supportive but comfortable pair of exercise shoes.

Stiff Back

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Start at the Top

With a stiff back, one should slowly and carefully work the entire back – but begin with the neck.

Neck Rolls

Drop your chin to your chest and hold it there for a slow count of five and then return it to normal position.
Repeat this 5 times at first but then progress up to 10 after a week.

It’s important that you move the head so that the ear touches the shoulder and hold for a 5 count.

Do this on each side.

Work the Back

For these two exercises, one should be lying on the floor on his or her back.

Ball Ups

First draw the knees to the chest and then lift the head so that one’s chin moves toward the chest.
As soon as a comfortable stretch is felt, slowly go back to the flat position.
Repeat this 5-10 times as mentioned above.

Roll Ups

Next, while still on your back, bend the knees and place both feet flat on the floor.
With both hands grasp one leg behind the knee and pull it toward your chest.
Again as soon as a stretch is felt, slowly return to the starting position.
Repeat this with both legs 5-10 times each.

These two exercises should almost immediately begin to loosen a stiff back.

Don’t Forget the Lower Half

The hips and gluteus also need to be worked on in order to truly remedy a stiff back.

Hip Bends

First, stand with feet spread apart about the same width as one’s shoulders.
Position the right foot about a half step back.
Bend the left knee and shit your weight to the right hip.
Keep the right leg straight and slowly slide your arm down the right leg until a stretch is felt in the hip.
Repeat this using the left leg as well.

Back Rolls

Next, lie on your back and cross the right leg over the left.
Slowly pull the left knee toward the chest.
One should feel a good stretch in the buttocks region.
Repeat this with the legs reversed as well.

Doing these exercises may not provide instantaneous relief for a sore or stiff back, but continuing with them on a regular basis will lead to overall improvement.

Stick with it and your stiff back will loosen up and even strengthen preventing further episodes.

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